We went picking strawberries a few weekends back at Chiles' Peach Orchard in western Albemarle and I made a fun video of our excursion: 15 pounds or so, half of which became jam, a quarter of which was eaten, and

We've been working on this greenhouse for a long while now, and one of hte decisions we made was to not frame the roof out by hand. We figured it would be easier to have a local company, Better Living

Whitney was driving out to Church while I was wrangling two sinus-y boys on last Sunday morning and she called me exclaiming, "I think the beehive got knocked over!" We'd setup straw bales to help as a wind break on

One of the things I enjoy doing here is trying to see what exotic stuff we can grow on our own. Being in Zone 7 limits a lot of the tropical items to hot houses or changes them into annuals

Greenhouse Progress

So the progress on the greenhouse has been slower than we’d hoped, but a baby will do that to your plans. We have finished all the verticals and the header 2”x12”s. Here’s our handyman who is

A Tale of Snow and Ice (or How To Prepare for a Winter Storm)

"Potential for Ice." These are the three words that you never want to see as a Virginia resident attached to the upcoming weather alert. Things have improved since I was a kid in Yorktown, but ice storms are just a

The Snow Storm Cometh

We spend a lot of time on the farm looking at weather. Depending on what the prognosis is, you may change your schedule, or catch up on things that you can do inside while it's raining (or worse). It affects

The Baby Goat

Two nights ago, I walked out to the barn to do the evening feeding of the animals when I realized that we had an additional baby goat in the stall. Fade had given birth at some point very recently to