The short explanation for my absence from this blog is that the end of pregnancy involves a lot of figurative and literal navel gazing. Then I was sick with bronchitis for six weeks while juggling a newborn and before I

Greenhouse Progress

So the progress on the greenhouse has been slower than we’d hoped, but a baby will do that to your plans. We have finished all the verticals and the header 2”x12”s. Here’s our handyman who is

Documenting this precious moment in life

So I booked a photography session for me and my soon-to-be three babies. Here are some of my faves! It's not a glam maternity shoot perfectly styled with me wistfully looking out into the distance.... ...But I think that Sarah

4th Annual Sfumato Cardboard Boat Regatta

Spoiler alert: no one sank this year! I was actually disappointed. When we bought this homestead the summer of 2013, one of the attractions/selling points was the large - 1 acre - pond at the Southern tip of our

This man. Some of his friends call him Guy Smiley because he always leads with a grin and warm hello. His positive, can-do attitude is one of the things that I initially fell for. Today is his birthday. I'm grateful

Leaning my Life

I usually have at least two books going at once because I like to listen to audiobooks while I'm on the go with the boys and then there's the pile of books on/around my nightstand. My obsession with audiobooks

28 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Went to my 28 week prenatal checkup with the boys in tow this morning. I bribed them with peanut butter crackers to sit in the double stroller and be quiet. It worked! Hallelujah! (Pictures taken last night by John.) Another

Whose love do you crave?

Whose love did you crave more growing up? Your mother's or your father's? Whose love did I always crave? And honestly still do? My mother's and grandmother's love. When I lost them both in March/April of 2014, I started