I've sat on this post for a while. At first it felt like an invasion of my dear Grandmother's privacy. She was a proud Texan woman, but she was also a big-hearted woman of faith. I pray publishing this journal

As a certified Bradley natural childbirth instructor, I followed the Brewer Diet during pregnancy. I like that it promotes a well-balanced diet based on whole foods and that it doesn't restrict calories or worry about a woman's overall weight gain.

The short explanation for my absence from this blog is that the end of pregnancy involves a lot of figurative and literal navel gazing. Then I was sick with bronchitis for six weeks while juggling a newborn and before I

Greenhouse Progress

So the progress on the greenhouse has been slower than we’d hoped, but a baby will do that to your plans. We have finished all the verticals and the header 2”x12”s. Here’s our handyman who is

Documenting this precious moment in life

So I booked a photography session for me and my soon-to-be three babies. Here are some of my faves! It's not a glam maternity shoot perfectly styled with me wistfully looking out into the distance.... ...But I think that Sarah

4th Annual Sfumato Cardboard Boat Regatta

Spoiler alert: no one sank this year! I was actually disappointed. When we bought this homestead the summer of 2013, one of the attractions/selling points was the large - 1 acre - pond at the Southern tip of our

This man. Some of his friends call him Guy Smiley because he always leads with a grin and warm hello. His positive, can-do attitude is one of the things that I initially fell for. Today is his birthday. I'm grateful

Leaning my Life

I usually have at least two books going at once because I like to listen to audiobooks while I'm on the go with the boys and then there's the pile of books on/around my nightstand. My obsession with audiobooks