Intro to Preparedness

Recently, some friends who are new homeowners asked us about the basics of being prepared. Here's their primary question: Now that we're semi-normal people who actually live in a house, I'm trying to figure out how to be somewhat prepared

We went picking strawberries a few weekends back at Chiles' Peach Orchard in western Albemarle and I made a fun video of our excursion: 15 pounds or so, half of which became jam, a quarter of which was eaten, and

We've been working on this greenhouse for a long while now, and one of hte decisions we made was to not frame the roof out by hand. We figured it would be easier to have a local company, Better Living

Whitney was driving out to Church while I was wrangling two sinus-y boys on last Sunday morning and she called me exclaiming, "I think the beehive got knocked over!" We'd setup straw bales to help as a wind

One of the things I enjoy doing here is trying to see what exotic stuff we can grow on our own. Being in Zone 7 limits a lot of the tropical items to hot houses or changes them into annuals