Before we invested more in our orchard with either time or money, we wanted a professional opinion on our permaculture design and general plan for the property so we booked Ben Falk for a consult! John had read his book

First of all for those who don't know, the Whole30 is an eating plan that lasts 30 full days. During that time, you abstain from all grains, dairy, legumes (which includes peanut butter), anything with added sugar, and basically anything

Happy Birthday Baby Gabe!

I don't know WHEN we will stop calling Gabe "Baby Gabe" but I know I'm not ready to let go of the ironic moniker. Despite his heft - or maybe because of it - he is the most cuddly and

Have you heard of Justin Rhodes and his awesome new project The Great American Farm Tour? I'm super excited to live vicariously through them as they live in a tiny home (a converted school bus) for a year visiting sustainable

I've sat on this post for a while. At first it felt like an invasion of my dear Grandmother's privacy. She was a proud Texan woman, but she was also a big-hearted woman of faith. I pray publishing this journal

As a certified Bradley natural childbirth instructor, I followed the Brewer Diet during pregnancy. I like that it promotes a well-balanced diet based on whole foods and that it doesn't restrict calories or worry about a woman's overall weight gain.

The short explanation for my absence from this blog is that the end of pregnancy involves a lot of figurative and literal navel gazing. Then I was sick with bronchitis for six weeks while juggling a newborn and before I

Documenting this precious moment in life

So I booked a photography session for me and my soon-to-be three babies. Here are some of my faves! It's not a glam maternity shoot perfectly styled with me wistfully looking out into the distance.... ...But I think that Sarah