I feel like I'm writing a birth announcement because it's taken us almost nine months to get this project shipped!


Available for purchase here.

The idea for these came to me after using several other themed emoji sticker sets to spice up text conversations with friends and loved ones and realizing that I wanted - no NEEDED - a set of emojis to better illustrate life here on the farm.

For instance, people who own chickens know that the standard Apple chicken emoji does not do chicken keeping justice. So we have illustrated the three most common chicken layers as well as a crowing rooster.

Or is there anything quite like being greeted by a friendly billy goat and upon closer inspection being repelled by the scent of his own pee on his face!? Yes, billy goats PEE ON THEIR OWN FACES. If I had known why billy goats stunk, I'm not sure I would have agreed to the investment in our sire Beauregard, but here we are!

We would love to add more emoji stickers. Calling all fellow gardeners, livestock owners, farmers, and homesteaders...what emojis are missing from your life?

Let us know how we can help fill the emoji gap in your life by filling out the form at the bottom of our Homesteadoji homepage here.