Why I keep choosing natural birth

If you are pregnant and live in Albemarle County or the surrounding area, we would love to help you feel empowered and informed about giving birth. You can register for my next Bradley Natural Childbirth classes here that starts Sunday,

Yes, I ate my baby's placentas...

Warning: Do not open this post if you have a weak stomach. Placenta in full color at end of the post. While some still dispute the research that's out there (and admittedly more needs to be done), I decided to

"God Bless America!" Gabe's Birth Story

Monday, January 19 9:15AM – I go to what I was hoping was my last appointment with my chiropractor to make sure my pelvis and SI are aligned. 10AM – 39 Week checkup with Dr. Wolansky. I am already 3cm dilated,