Homesteading with Kids: Amy Landers

Some of us are farming full-time while others have day jobs. Some of us put our kids in traditional schools while others plan to homeschool. What we all have in common is putting a high premium on self-reliance, good homegrown

We bought a tiller!

I've talked before how we are not ones to eschew technology in favor of the "purity" of hand tilling and old school organic farming so it might surprise you that we just bought our first tiller last weekend!

Making up for lost sunlight.

So this elusive ball of fire called the sun decided to emerge this weekend and so we tried to get as much done as we could! We definitely feel behind. We started early on Saturday. I focused on cleaning up

The Garlic Harvest

This year, timeliness and the garden have not been words associated very closely together. Between work, the boys, and life in general, we've been busier than expected, and something had to give. Finally got around to pulling the garlic up,

Planting the Memorial Garden

Some choices for the memorial garden were easy - my grandmother's maiden name was Lavender and my mother adored hydrangea bushes and white roses. Beyond that, I just knew I wanted low maintenance perennials. With two small boys to wrangle