Homesteading with Kids: Amy Landers

Some of us are farming full-time while others have day jobs. Some of us put our kids in traditional schools while others plan to homeschool. What we all have in common is putting a high premium on self-reliance, good homegrown

Homesteading with Kids: Katie Saul

I started my #HomesteadingwithKids series to not only learn how others juggle the workload of kids, animal husbandry, and gardening but also to break the stereotype that homesteaders are all off-grid Luddites! In our dreams, yes John and I would

Homesteading with Kids: Meredith Aycock

Meredith and Bryan Aycock of Willow Hill Family Farm met in Wyoming, where they became interested in sustainable farming and started their family with the birth of Millie in December 2013. When Meredith's parents offered use of their 100 acre