Documenting this precious moment in life

So I booked a photography session for me and my soon-to-be three babies. Here are some of my faves! It's not a glam maternity shoot perfectly styled with me wistfully looking out into the distance.... ...But I think that Sarah

Why I'm a terrible homesteader

Being left alone for five days and nights with two toddlers is daunting for most people but doable. For a pregnant lady with 26 chickens, 3 goats, 2 dogs, 1 pony, and 2 cats to take care of, taking care

Juggling toddlers and a pregnant belly this summer

Yesterday Gabe took a very productive 2.5 hour nap. I say productive because I let him take credit for what I get done when he takes especially long naps. (BLESS HIM! I don't know if Quincy ever napped more

“Life consists with wildness. The most alive is the wildest. Not yet subdued to man, its presence refreshes him.” ― Henry David Thoreau, Walking Q on one of our nature walks in April. That's our driveway leading up to Constitution Highway