September 2023 Production Report

September 2023 Production Report
Figs on a wood counter, Sfumato Farm, September 2023

Fall is upon us, and with it, a little rain and cooler temps. Let's see how we did:

Milk31.875 Gallons

Eggs are back up to July levels, but nowhere near the May craziness (900+). We have had about 10 birds sneak out of the coop and become a fox meal over the course of the summer (expected, hence starting with 50).

Fiona's production decreased due to pasture quality, and lack of nutritional value. The paddocks have a lot of broomsedge and it's just nutritionally void. We're overseeing this fall/winter, and we've done some liming to help make more nutrients bio-available, but we'll likely need to do a Steve Solomon style "complete organic fertilizer" spread over everything in the near future.

Tomatoes, Peppers, and more are going gangbusters now, even with our pitiful supports. Looking to harvest a lot of bamboo and fabricate new supports over the winter for tying up the tomatoes. Our fig has started ripening as well, and some of them we missed much to the delight of the ants.