The Baby Goat Countdown

Sing that article title (badly) to the 80s Europe hit "The Final Countdown" and that's where we are. The first goat born on our farm years ago, Faye, is pregnant here for the third time. She's been seperated

Seed Starting for 2019

We're a bit late this year getting seeds started. It's been a very wet 2018 and everything around the farm has been getting behind, as it's effectively been a mudslide anywhere you turn. I purchased a large number of plastic

A Foyer Landing Zone

When we bought Sfumato, the foyer was pretty simple. It worked well enough for two, and with Quincy it was still manageable. Once Gabe arrived and then Teddy as well, the area became difficult to use. It was almost impossible

Intro to Preparedness

Recently, some friends who are new homeowners asked us about the basics of being prepared. Here's their primary question: Now that we're semi-normal people who actually live in a house, I'm trying to figure out how to be somewhat prepared

We went picking strawberries a few weekends back at Chiles' Peach Orchard in western Albemarle and I made a fun video of our excursion: 15 pounds or so, half of which became jam, a quarter of which was eaten, and