Footings and Floods

Footings and Floods

It's been an abnormally dry summer here. Last year was abnormally wet, so maybe it's just balancing it out. But while it hasn't rained much for months, nature decided to drop 5"+ of rain in the last week.

The Commonwealth was in a moderate drought state, so it's welcome. I just wish it would have waited until after we poured the foundation footings.

They pumped out the water, got the formwork checked, and got pouring! And footers were complete by the end of the day.

During excavation, we discovered that the original structure didn't have a great foundation/footer setup, so that's one of the reasons there's a little more foundation work immediately adjacent to the existing structure.

Next up is foundation block! Hopefully the inch of rain that's about to fall won't slow us down too much more this week!