May 2023 Production Report

May 2023 Production Report

May is done and we've dried off Fiona as she gets ready to calve in July. We also sold off seven of our hens to our neighbor, Brad, as he had a hawk issue and we were dealing with a few too many eggs.

Let's get right to the numbers:

Type Production
Milk 43 Gallons
Eggs 905 (up from 485)

We converted some of that into storage or other uses:

9.5 Sticks of Butter (from skimmed cream)
1g of Buttermilk (remainder of butter production)
3x 1 gallon jars filled with water glassed eggs

Hens are now out in the cow paddock, and the greenhouse garden is partially planted. The barn garden is simply overgrown and will take some time here in June to get it cleaned up. We'll likely use it for a late squash and corn harvest, or maybe fall planting if we can't get there in time. The soil there is much better than the greenhouse garden due to the lack of slope.

We do have our first artichoke growing, and outside of that, it's "do all the things!" kind of rush here, as we are homeschooling, both working, and juggling four human kids as well.