The Baby Goat Countdown

The Baby Goat Countdown

Sing that article title (badly) to the 80s Europe hit "The Final Countdown" and that's where we are. The first goat born on our farm years ago, Faye, is pregnant here for the third time. She's been seperated with her first daughter (Minerva) from the rest of the herd (Freckles and her daughters) and we're on a final watch.

The photo above was from 2015, when Faye was born to her mama, Fade. Here's another that feels like a painting:

Fade with her baby Faye

The stall has been mucked out and new pine chips laid (and I need to add more). They've got fresh hay. We've let her out during the days, but we may keep her contained until delivery as she's fully into "waddling" territory.

While it's not as exciting as GIRAFFE CAM, you can check out our live stall view here:

The countdown is on!