June 2023 Production Report

June 2023 Production Report

June was an unexpected suprise month, as Fiona calved on the 14th, so we ended up with more milk than we expected (expectation was zero).

Show me the numbers!

Type Production
Milk 4.125 Gallons
Eggs 644

We water glassed an additional 81 eggs, and froze 6 dozen scambled in gallon zip locks (one dozen per zip lock)

The milk count is so low due to that we only milked Fiona for 5 days, and she was not very keen on us milking yet as the calf was not even two weeks old. We did save some colostrum as well and have that frozen for future use if ever needed.

We are calf sharing, so we seperate the calf overnight and then release him after the morning milking. This reduces the twice-a-day milking approach, but that also reduces output.