Athayde Acres, Revisted

Athayde Acres Sign

My Grandfather, HP Athayde, had a small 5-acre farm in Lodi, California, that he and my Grandma Anne retired to around the time I was born. I always liked the idea of a family "compound" (ours was not much of a compound in the Kennedy sense) where family could come together and relax and celebrate.

When they sold the farm a few years back, my Dad got the sign that a friend of the family had made and brought it up to our place. While the crest is different than the one we've seen elsewhere, but it's an awesome reminder of the old farm and family gatherings over the years.

Here's some photos from the original Lodi ranch/farm/orchard:

![The orchard](/content/images/2014/Mar/athaydeacres_orchard.jpg)
The orchard
![Solar Flare](/content/images/2014/Mar/athaydeacres_solar.jpg)
Lens flare off the grass in the orchard
![Dad with Grandpa](/content/images/2014/Mar/athaydeacres_dadgrandpa.jpg)
Dad with Grandpa
![The Family](/content/images/2014/Mar/athaydeacres_family.jpg)
The Extended Family Portrait
![The Barn](/content/images/2014/Mar/athaydeacres_barn.jpg)
The Barn
My cousin, Scott, his daughter, and his dad/my Uncle, Bruce
Cousins playing in the pool
Pool in the Pool House

There's some photos on Flickr from various visits to Athayde's Acres Lodi, and Sfumato is our new "Athayde's Acres" as it were.