Putting in the garden beds

Putting in the garden beds

I haven't had a serious garden since I moved back inside the DC beltway with my wonderful bride in 2011. Balcony gardening, while fun, is somewhat limited by the sheer weight of soil and sunlight angles. One thing that was on our list for year one here at Sfumato was to get a garden in.

We knew that we wouldn't have great soil and we'd have to start soil building, but just getting the patch of lawn broken up was such an exciting thing to see. I had to pull up and move over the telco line running to the barn, which you can see as a small trench on the left side below:

Garden Area before tilling

We chose an area adjacent to the house on the east side. It's got full sun most of the day in the summer and it's a quick walk from the kitchen or the front door.

Dalton on the Tractor

Our neighbor Dalton came over with his tractor and did the bulk of the work with his PTO tiller attachment. We ended up finding the cleanout for the septic, which had been buried when they put down the sod a few years back.

Finished area

My eyes are probably bigged than my capabilities, but I hope to get most of this planted in a few months and have a bountiful summer!