Permaculture Design Certification

I spent a good amount of time this year between taking the class (72 hours of lecture), reading materials, and actually working on my design submission for Permaculture Design Certificate.

For those not familiar, Permaculture is defined by Wikipedia as:

... a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, environmental design, construction and integrated water resources management that develops sustainable architecture, regenerative and self-maintained habitat and agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems.

I submitted my design back in August and I just received this in the mail from the Permaculture Research Institute in Australia. The instructor, Geoff Lawton, was one of the protege's of the creator of Permaculture, Bill Mollison. He's done some amazing work, especially in some crazy environments. For a taste of this, watch Greening The Desert on YouTube (~40 minutes) in which Geoff helped a group in Jordan convert the desert into an oasis.

Now it's time to keep refining my design for the property and slowly begin to implement it and see what happens.

Here's to the grand experiment!