The First Real Snow of the Season

The First Real Snow of the Season

After quite a few false promises from the weathermen, we've finally had a serious snowfall over the last day and change. Somewhere around 7 or so inches and now we've entered an extremely bitter cold spell as the front has passed.

Quincy walking down the driveway and exploring the snow

We've had the wood stove burning full bore, non stop, and it's barely augmenting the heat pump enough to keep it from falling over. The compressor already sounds like a train pulling things up a mountain.

We've gotten outside to enjoy the snow with this crisp and clear weather that has followed the front. The dogs are enjoying it a lot:

Dogs! The Great Pyrenees, Crocket (top) and Houston (bottom)

And Applejack is doing okay with it, but is a bit disappointed in the lack of forage right now.

Sir Applejack the Pony in his paddock

Quincy was driving his truck all over the snow and ice.

Quincy with his truck

And some more fun pictures of the farm:

Faucet in the snow

Panorama of barn and house at Sfumato