April Photo Round-up

April Photo Round-up

Lots of activity happening as the farm wakes up from its winter slumbers. We're now mowing weekly (or facing the wrath of very thick, very wet grass).

Tree against Blue Sky

Quincy had a lot of fun doing his Easter Egg hunt:
Quincy's Easter Egg Hunt

and spending time with Grandma and Grandpa:
Quincy with Grandma and Grandpa Athayde

The garlic, onions, shallots, and comfrey are all doing well:

Garlic row in garden

Planted some Hewes Crab Apples (from Monticello) for future Cider production:

Hewes Crabapple trees

And staked out the future orchard (as well as planted a variety of apple trees)

Orchard setup

Annual spring pond flooding:

Flooded pond

We finished Quincy's playset:

Quincy on the slide
Quincy on the slide

And started planting the gardens (or just getting the beds in order in the main garden's case):

Memorial garden planting
Main garden  beds

So much going on right now at the farm. I hope you enjoyed this quick photo tour of the April happenings!