"What Did You Do When You Were A Kid?"

This video has been making the rounds in the last few weeks. It's one of those videos that immediately goes to tug on the heart strings.

"Are my kids addicted?"

"Do I spend enough time away from digital devices?"

"What's wrong with kids today?"

These are the intentional questions that the makers of this video want you to ask. One question that is not asked and should be is...

"Why do the parents let their kids play a video game for FIVE HOURS STRAIGHT?"

Modern life is fast paced, and accessibility to outdoors seems to be shrinking. It seems that every week you read a story about some child being kidnapped. It's not just by nefarious individuals but Child Protective Services for nothing more than being outside without their parents.

These are some of the reasons we decided to raise our children in the countryside. The outside is there and available. It's up to us as parents to ensure that we push our children (and ourselves) outside whenever possible, instead of reaching for the TV remote or the iPad.