The Snow Storm Cometh

The Snow Storm Cometh

We spend a lot of time on the farm looking at weather. Depending on what the prognosis is, you may change your schedule, or catch up on things that you can do inside while it's raining (or worse). It affects what you do for the livestock. Bad storms make us get out our pump to make sure the cellar doesn't flood from too much water.

Well, right now we're getting ready for a whopper of a snow storm. The weather talking heads have been equating it with a 1922 blizzard that hit DC. The Blue Ridge Mountains are expecting upwards of 36" in some places. For those of you in the north of the country, 3' feet of snow might be not too much to write home about. But here, it's insanity.

Understand that ONE INCH that fell on DC last night effectively shut down the city. 30 minute commutes stretched into the hours. And that's all from one inch falling on untreated roads.

As of this morning, this is the prediction in the model:

Snow map

Now models aren't always accurate, but even the networks are calling for large amounts of snow in our area:

snow totals

The Governor has declared a state of emergency and people are going crazy, pulling everything they can from the grocery stores, hardware stores, and Gander Mountain.

I call it the "French Toast Run": Bread, Milk, and Eggs.

This nice thing about our lifestyle is that we're good on that front. See, we make our own bread (Gluten Free using Pamela's bread mix) in a bread machine. We get eggs from our chickens. And as of a month ago, we now get milk from our goats.

That's storm prep for the homestead all right. Wood pile is filled and covered on the porch, fuel is topped off, and now we wait for the blanket of quiet white powder to fall.

Stay safe out there!