Happy Birthday to my Renaissance Man

This man.

Some of his friends call him Guy Smiley because he always leads with a grin and warm hello. His positive, can-do attitude is one of the things that I initially fell for.

Today is his birthday.

I'm grateful for so many things about him, but especially his great character, humility, and servant's heart.

When I first married John, I didn't realize 1) what a night owl he was, 2) how far he took disaster preparation, and 3) how he never stops working and learning.

Last night for instance, I came home from a friend's house to find John restringing his guitars while watching a video on tree grafting techniques.

While I usually escape into fiction books and TV dramas in the evening, he continues working on freelance work or reading nonfiction books relevant to his work, faith, or our many homesteading adventures.

Part of it is that I'm more of a morning person while he's night person, but part of it sincerely is his drive to do and be more.

Before kids, I resented him being a night owl, but now it works out well for divvying up who is responsible for child night wakings the first half vs. second half of the night.

I've grown to truly appreciate him taking the Boy Scout credo of "Always Prepared" to the nth degree...probably too much so as I have outsourced any knowledge or energy regarding such matters to him. He gives me peace of mind. Like that time we lost power a few months ago when he was out of town and I couldn't figure out how to work the lantern. Sigh. Thankfully the power came back on around 6am.

Here's to learning and growing together for many more years!

Happy birthday babe!