We were on a podcast!

We were on a podcast!

I posted this on Facebook, but darn that #Facebookalgorithm

Two weeks ago, John and I were on our friend Nicole's podcast "Living Free in Tennessee" and had fun talking about our farm and why we created Homesteadoji.

But if you are like me and feeling completely overwhelmed by Hurricane Harvey in Houston, please listen to Nicole's latest episode first. Nicole gives you two tangible, immediate ways to help AND talks about how YOU can prepare for a disaster.

You may recall I'm from Texas. I was born and raised in DFW, but I have loads of family in Houston proper. Thank God they are all safe and dry, but Houston is going to need help for a long time. My mother is also buried in Houston and after a couple days of morbid imagination, I got the gumption to call the cemetery to see if they were dry. And thank God they were! But it got me thinking about all the random aspects of life that are going to suffer. Will people be able to visit their loved ones' graves? Will little girls be able to take dance classes? The mind reels thinking about all of the small businesses that will struggle and maybe even close even if they weren't flooded. Please keep Houston in your prayers today and everyday for at least the next year.

Nicole's podcast is a refreshing take on homesteading from a woman's perspective. Thanks again for having us Nicole!