Saying Goodbye to Beauregard

Saying Goodbye to Beauregard

I’m sad to report that we lost Beauregard the billy goat a few days ago. John and I have been taking it pretty hard. He had gotten anemic a couple weeks ago, but John had been treating him and we thought he was doing better. Then John found him dead during evening chores Monday night. The vet had emailed that day that animals—especially goats—can go downhill fast when it’s so wet out and they normally don’t send that email warning until later in the spring! John feels like he could have done more (not sure what) and I feel guilty because I’ve been meaning to find him a new good home for months. 😞


It is true I was not fond of his smell, but he was aggressively friendly and a good herd sire. He fathered 8 goats to date and Faye is currently pregnant with numbers 9 and perhaps 10. Beauregard, you shall be missed RIP (2016-2019).


Now I REALLY have to find a new home for Applejack because it breaks my heart that he’s in a paddock all by his lonesome. If anyone in Virginia wants a five year old gelding pony, please send them my way! Why is it so hard for me to get rid of animals?!