Weaning and other thoughts on Nursing

Teddy last nursed two weeks ago. Even just typing that sentence makes me emotional! I am definitely still in hormonal limbo so bear with me if I come across as maudlin. I do NOT take my nursing relationships for granted

I refused to let them take my blood pressure - I was so anxious. There's no way they would get a good reading. I've been dreading this ultrasound. What would I do if it's another boy? I knew this was

Our newest sprout!

We are happy to announce that we are pregnant with baby #3 due in October! Pregnancy FAQs: Do we know how babies are made? Yes, this baby was much desired and prayed for! Will we stop at 3? Ask me

My Breastfeeding Journey

Having struggled with breastfeeding the first go round, I cannot tell you how ecstatic, proud, and thankful I am to say that it worked this time! Tonight, I nursed Gabe for the last time, just two days before his first

"God Bless America!" Gabe's Birth Story

Monday, January 19 9:15AM – I go to what I was hoping was my last appointment with my chiropractor to make sure my pelvis and SI are aligned. 10AM – 39 Week checkup with Dr. Wolansky. I am already 3cm dilated,