We are happy to announce that we are pregnant with baby #3 due in October!

Pregnancy FAQs:
Do we know how babies are made? Yes, this baby was much desired and prayed for!
Will we stop at 3? Ask me in a year.
How am I feeling? No energy or appetite after 3pm which makes planning and cooking dinner very difficult. I also have a heightened sense of smell which triggers gagging but thankfully no vomit. I'm excited and eager for 2nd trimester.
Will we find out the gender? Yes, in June at our 20 week ultrasound (the only ultrasound or prenatal testing we plan to get).
How far apart will our kids be in age? Quincy is about 22 months older than Gabe and Gabe will be about 20 months older than this babe.
Will we have another home birth? Alas not this time. For insurance and financial reasons and because we got the excellent ob who delivered Gabe to "come out of retirement" to deliver this baby, we are planning another natural hospital birth.