Dreaming big

Dreaming big

In 2016 I'm saying yes to less negative self talk and yes to owning my own business and time.

Three and a half years ago 6 months pregnant with my first child, Quincy, I thought I landed my dream gig working from home doing fundraising for a nonprofit I believed in.

It allowed us (John already worked from home) to buy a 15 acre farm in our dream location.

And it was great, I got to work with passionate, articulate, and principled women I respect.

When I got pregnant with our second son, Gabe, I negotiated that upon his arrival in January 2015 I would cut my responsibilities, hours, and pay in half so I would only have to work about 20 hours a week.

Having done my homework, I knew that mothers who worked part-time were the happiest of all the mamas.

I figured working part-time from home would be the ultimate. I had busted my butt for ten years to earn this privilege...except I was not my own boss and I didn't feel like I was growing in a substantive way professionally. I met all my goals for 2015 (despite an 8 week maternity leave), got all my bonuses, and yet felt unfulfilled.

I felt detached from the animals and garden we kept and worst of all my kids didn't understand why I spent two days a week locked in my office and a lot of time with them making phone calls and working on my computer.

Working from home was a lot harder than I thought.

With another baby on the way, my decision was solidified.

So this is the year I'm stepping back from work even further (but not completely) and am going to start selling our farm goods and pouring our life into this homesteading blog - Sfumato Farm.

Best of all, I'm dreaming big again...

I want to inspire families to make healthy choices with their food and their time.

I have ideas for tools I want to create to support this mission, but I would love to hear from you below. What interests you about gardening, grocery shopping, meal planning, and family time management and routines? Have you ever wondered, "I wonder how Whitney does that?" Please tell me below!