12 Natural Ways to Manage Back Pain

Whether cultivating a garden or a family, let's agree that it's called "back breaking work" for a reason! Four days ago, I threw my back out for the first time since having Teddy Laine last October. I had

Brewing Kombucha

I used to be scared of fermentation, but once you start doing it you see how hard it is to actually mess it up! My kombucha journey started with me posting on a Facebook mom's group asking if anyone had

We were on a podcast!

I posted this on Facebook, but darn that #Facebookalgorithm Two weeks ago, John and I were on our friend Nicole's podcast "Living Free in Tennessee" and had fun talking about our farm and why we created Homesteadoji. But


So I've clipped coupons in the past - digital and paper - but it's felt pretty random. No strategy. Enter my friend Kelsey, marketing maven and couponing diva. Can I say that this feels rather intimate...sharing our grocery list?

We went picking strawberries a few weekends back at Chiles' Peach Orchard in western Albemarle and I made a fun video of our excursion: 15 pounds or so, half of which became jam, a quarter of which was eaten, and